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In the months after tax season, we have closely examined and evaluated how the past tax season went in our office.  We closely examined hours worked, money invested in people and equipment, time invested in training ourselves and employees, and our processes.  In addition, we evaluated the effects of IRS regulation changes, Covid-19, government stimulus payments, and advanced child tax credits on how we prepare and process tax returns. 


After looking at all these factors and based on our analysis, we have decided to raise our tax return preparation fee to a minimum of $175 this coming year.  Dependent children tax return preparation fees will continue to be charged at lower fees as they have been in the past.


We will be sending a formal letter out in addition to this announcement here.  We wanted to make sure you were not surprised.  We value your business and will continue to value it in the future.  The best way that we know of to retain your trust and confidence is to inform you in advance of these and any other changes.

We have also decided that for the safety of everyone involved (office staff and clients) and the need to process returns timelier we will remain in a drop off mode unless you have unique circumstances requiring a meeting with a Partner.  Come in the front door and leave your tax information with us.  We will discuss quick, general questions with you immediately - other detailed questions will require a meeting.  You can schedule a meeting by calling the office number at 973-658-7757.


Our mission is to provide high quality tax preparation and accounting services at reasonable prices. 

We Offer

A Certified
Tax Expert

Both Tom & Brian have combined over 60 years of tax and accounting experience. Randel & Okken offers tax preparation for personal, business and corporations.


Professional Bookkeeping 

Whether your business is large or small, non-profit or for-profit Randel & Okken Associates, P.C. is here to help.  Offering a broad range of bookkeeping, payroll and accounting advisory services to suit your business needs.

Notary Services

Services are available year round and by appointment only.

We are experts at applying tax credits which are quite often overlooked and lost forever.


If your tax return has already been prepared, Randel & Okken will review it for you. If we cannot find additional tax savings there is no cost for the service. When we find additional tax savings, Randel & Okken will charge a nominal fee for the paperwork.​

With our Extensive Experience, Randel & Okken has the Knowledge and Expertise to Ensure Professional, Accurate, High Quality Service


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